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Sharia4Holland via Wikipedia(ingles)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sharia4Holland is a radical Islamic movement, openly seeking to institute Sharia law in the Netherlands. Sharia4Holland is originally an offshoot of the Belgian extremist network Sharia4Belgium.[1] In recent months, Sharia4Holland has been handing out flyers on the street in The Hague, Utrecht and at the Occupy movement in Amsterdam.[2] The Algemene Inlichtingen- en Veiligheidsdienst (AIVD) is monitoring the movement.[3] Several Dutch politicians have criticized Sharia4Holland, including some Muslim politicians. Ahmed Marcouch called the ideas of organization violent, Coşkun Çörüz wants measures to be taken and Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert calls the intimidating behavior 'impossible'. The Party for Freedom wants a ban on the movement.[4][5] De Balie riot[edit] On 7 December 2011, at a debate in De Balie in Amsterdam with Tofik Dibi, a group of 20 radical Muslims stormed in, shouted, threw eggs and ordered her execution of Canadian writer Irshad Manji who was present, talking about her book Islam, Liberty and Love.[6][7] The Mobiele Eenheid ended the riot and two men from Belgium, 19 and 22 years old, members of Sharia4Holland, were arrested for insults and threats.[8][9] Global Shariah Conference[edit] On May 25, 2012, Sharia4Holland held a press conference on De Dam with Anjem Choudary of Islam4UK, self-titled the Global Shariah Conference.[10][11] During the conference, spokesman for Sharia4Holland said Geert Wilders will be 'dealt with' when the Netherlands becomes an Islamic state and that we should 'learn from the case of Theo van Gogh'. He was arrested for death threats by the Dutch police, summoned and released 48 hours later.[12][13] When the convicted Fouad Belkacem of Sharia4Belgium was invited to the conference, the Party for Freedom asked ministers Ivo Opstelten and Gerd Leers to treat Belkacem as persona non grata.[14] The was no legal basis to prohibit holding the conference.